Under the Red Verandah

Under the Red Verandah is one of Christchurch’s iconic cafes, known for the best breakfasts since 1997! Outside the Square have developed signage, menus and tee shirts over a number of years, more recently as it has morphed and changed since the 2011 earthquakes… the new brand moves significantly as it represents and reflects the ‘new’ old building while keeping a watermarked filigree as a link to the history!

Outside the Square’s has worked for many years with Mandy and the team at UTRV, and the portfolio of items highlights the range of material generated at different times for this iconic cafe…

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The Twisted Hop

The Twisted Hop is an iconic Christchurch pub, having been established in Poplar lanes in the centre of the city, adjacent to Outside the Square’s offices. Now re established in Woolston, Marty has been involved in much of their marketing material and tee shirts.