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Outside the Square specialise in providing quality service, advice and consultation in all these areas of creativity

Marty and Outside the Square Creative offer the following services, directly to you as a client, or in a contracted role complimenting what you offer to your clients. This is what we focus on, and while we understand video, animation, cooking and ironing, we know of experts that can give you more.

Sports Photography

Outside the Square specialise in photography of sports, landscape and people… We have covered and number of sports, including football, mountain biking, hockey and basketball. Capturing the character of people in portraits is another passion whether young or old, or just wanting to look more professional in business

See some great images here
Magic Moments in Sport
Singletracks MTB
Canoe polo



Branding Logo & Identity

Outside the Square specialise in branding of all sorts of businesses From schools, to pubs, tourism ventures and cafes, we have had vast experience building up business profiles with graphic, web and photography

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Logo Design
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Branding Projects




Outside the Square have designed and printed a number of tee shirts, hoodies etc for projects and businesses From schools, to pubs, tourism ventures and cafes, we have had vast experience building up business profiles with graphic, web and photography

View some tee shirts here
Tee Shirt Design
Munted Tee



Graphic and Print

Outside the Square are known for their graphic design expertise. Marty has over 20 years experience in the industry and has also taught design at a tertiary design college. The loose term ‘graphic design’ covers most of what we do, and examples are throughout our portfolio including long standing design that still looks good in our archives!

Branding Projects
Word Posters




Website Design

As part of helping you to look good, Outside the Square often design and manage the development of websites and online content for you to increase your visibility across the web. Our sites are known for their clarity, style and functionality, the combination critical to success on line!





PEOPLE photography

Marty loves capturing the character of people and loves seeing the impact a good photo can have on people, and not just the one looking on but most importantly the one being photographed!
Digital has helped relax people and after a few pics, most people realise they ‘don’t look too bad after all’!


See some great portraits here

Business Portraits



A glimpse of what we have done

Logos are the start of your company getting the recognition it needs, and deserves?

From stage photography to staged photography, and REGULAR 22

Who we work with

We will work with anyone, but when it comes to us putting our name to something, and knowing the difference these people can make, we know these guys wont let you, and us down!

The experts we use to ensure you get more than you expected H4 regular 22 A T

Meta Digital

Outstanding web developers that blend the design with the code, to ensure an exceptional end , whether you looking at the front or the back… you’ll look great! Experts in making the complex ever so simple to manage

P&V and PhotoWarehouse

Outside the Square Photography use Photo and Video/Photo Warehouse exclusively for high quality camera gear and printing of out imagery

CQ Print

Getting stuff done fast but with no compromise on quality and delivery is what CQ are about. Masters in finding a solution as good or better than what you imagined! And always thinking outside the square, which says it all really!

Interested in some of my other creative projects?

View some of my Munted, Poha and project material I’ve worked on over the last 10 years