Level 3 Lockdown Comp is LIVE!

Thanks for finding the entry page for the Lockdown Level 3 MtP 100 Comp
This is designed to be fun, for ALL AGES, and ALL THE COMMUNITY, and to support local business. Simple really.
Hope you enjoy competing, and remember where your bubble is and who is in your bubble, before entering.


To enter

  1. Download the images and entry form PDF here [3 pages A4] UPDATED 1 MAY 2020
  2. Print out pages 1 and 2.
  3. Please read Rules below, or print out Page 3 of the PDF.
  4. Phone version of letterbox images for easier viewing of boxes can be downloaded here
    TO DOWNLOAD PDF or Phone version, Press Control then click on doc, and Save as, or Right Click on image and select Save as from Menu. You will be able to print the PDF from the webpage.

Rules (Ages 1 > Adult)

This is a fun competition to encourage getting out and about and to help spending time together in your bubble.

THERE IS NO AGE RESTRICTION… this is not just about kids running around, I’ve seen hundreds of adults on the streets capable of entering this and giving the kids a run (or walk), for their money!


Entry Criteria

Entry is only open for those whose bubble is this area. Please consider carefully where you live and what your bubble is defined by.
You must only compete with your ‘bubble’ group and maintain all social distancing expectations (2m) at all times. You may come across others doing it too, say hello but from a safe distance. STAY SAFE. FOLLOW THE COVID 19 guidelines and be cool!

Please only ONE ENTRY per ‘BUBBLE’ or ‘PHYSICAL ADDRESS’, thanks. This comp is designed to make getting out a bit of fun, to see your ‘hood’ in a different way and to promo some local businesses.


Competition Duration

Download the form here,  and the competition is open from then until 7 pm Sunday 10 May.
No entries received after 7pm Sunday 10 May will be considered.


How to compete

Wander the streets and discover where the letterboxes are located.

Write clear street name or abbreviation in each of the 100 boxes.

Examples of abbreviations acceptable are Can Hill Rd, MtP Rd, Major H Rd, Maff, Dray, etc.

Write your answers in the boxes over the matching number.

Unreadable entries will be rejected.


Letterbox locations

Letterboxes are all located on streets with paths. All letterboxes are clearly visible, altho there is one where there is no number and one with no letterbox on Mt Pleasant Rd! No private lanes are involved and the area covered is bounded by McCormacks Bay Rd,Basil Place, Main Rd, Cannon Hill Cres, Major Hornbrook Rd, The Terrace, Mt Pleasant Road, Drayton Drive, Santa Maria Ave and Maffeys Rd and roads off them

PLEASE NOTE : There is one location on Tama Terrace and I’ve realised that it doesn’t have footpath and has a Private sign. It is not far along the terrace. Please take care, and apologies!!!!
Some of you have also pointed out that Muratai Terrace has no footpath. Guess that is a hint and an apology all in one!!!

View MAP here
Download form to enter here


Submitting your entry

ALL ENTRIES MUST HAVE YOUR NAME CLEARLY ON IT, ADDRESS, AND A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL.Ensure you have filled in all boxes and your contact details. You can now deliver your entry form on foot, or email to Marty.

Deliver via email
You can scan, or take a photo and email a copy of the completed form to marty@outsidethesquare.net.nz

Deliver on foot
Fold your entry in half hiding your answers and either tape or staple. Write Level 3 MTP 100 ENTRY on the outside with your names, and post in the letterbox at 16 Valencia Lane. Please respect this is a lane, with no footpath all the way, so take extra care and keep your social distancing up. All entries will be dealt with taking all hygiene precautions to reduce any chances of contamination. The box is locked and sanitiser will be provided to lift the lid to drop entry form in.




There will be big prizes for the first six completed entries, posted in 16 Valencia Lane letterbox, or emailed and then all other entries will go in draw to win supplementary prizes. See the video for the prize list, but they include over $500 of vouchers from Winnie Bagoes and Joes Garage Sumner.



Winners will be notified by email and text and advised as to how to collect their vouchers as soon as practicable after closing date.
By entering you consent to winners names being published on Mt Pleasant Community Facebook page and those of the sponsors and supporters.


Txt Marty on 029 366 4957, or call
Email marty@outsidethesquare.net.nz



Supporters and Sponsors